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Chiropractic Modalities


Also called chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic manipulation, or spinal manipulation, spinal adjustment is a core treatment in chiropractic care. The goals of spinal adjustment is to increase range of motion, reduce nerve irritability and improve function by applying a precise force to restore vertebrae or other skeletal joints to their natural position. In our clinic, both manual spinal adjustment and instrument assisted spinal adjustment are used to achieve these goals.

Manual spinal adjustment, also called high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust, is a specific hands on technique of applying a controlled sudden force to a restricted joint while the body is positioned in a specific way. The manipulation often results in an audible 'clicking' or 'popping' sound.

Instrument assisted spinal adjustment involves use of a small spring loaded hand held tool called Activator Adjusting Instrument. It helps restore motion to a specific targeted area of the spine, and its fast speed does not allow time for the body to tense up, resulting in an effective treatment due the lack of muscle resistant.


Adjunctive Modailities

  • Dry Needling
  • Massage / Manual Therapy
  • Stretches / Exercises
  • Physical Modalities
  • Kinesio Taping

dry needling

Dry needling is a process that targets the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Dry needling involves the insertion of very fine, sterile, disposable stainless steel needles into specific points on the body known as trigger points.


There are many soft tissue techniques that help to reduce pain due to muscle spasms and knots. Depending on the condition, your practitioner will use one or more of these therapies to help decrease your symptoms. Therapies include:


Stretches and exercises help stretch and strengthen tight and weaken tissues. Stretches promote mobility and help prevent scar tissue and adhesion formation while exercises promote joint help and prevent atrophy (muscle deterioration). Both modalities will help prevent the development of new injuries.

interferential muscle stinulation

Physical modalities can be used for pain relief and promote accelerated healing. Modalities include:

Kinesion taping

Kinesio taping (KT Tape) can help reduce pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage and support injured fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles by increasing proprioception.

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