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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs in China

Chinese Herbs

In China, herbal medicine is considered as the primary therapeutic modality of internal medicine. Over 2500 years, Chinese physicians have systematically observed and classified more than 5000 plant, animal and mineral substances according the medicinal effect. One classic example of Chinese herbal medicine is the use of various mushrooms, like reishi and shiitake, which are currently under intense study by ethnobotanists and medical researchers for immune system enhancement.

Rather than being prescribed individually, single herbs are combined into formulas that are designed to adapt to the specific needs of individual patients. An herbal formula can contain anywhere from 3 to 25 herbs. Although Chinese herbal formulas were traditionally decocted in a pot and consumed as a tea, they can also be dispensed as granules, pills, tinctures, wines, and topical creams, pastes, and plasters.

Chinese herbal medicine is often used as an important adjunct to acupuncture treatment. Herbs greatly enhance the effect of acupuncture by redistributing substances within the body and adding essential substances to the body. As dietary supplements, Chinese herbs can boost internal deficiencies as well as eliminate harmful substances that accumulate pathologically.


Our Herbal Pharmacy

Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture Wellness Center herbal pharmacy carries Chinese herbs in granule extracts from E-Fong Herbs and MayWay. Granule extracts are manufactured by extraction processing of the raw herbs extracted into powdered form with 5:1 concentration rate.

Traditionally, raw herbs are believed to be most effective among various forms of herbs; however, raw herbs have relatively low compliance rate due to the complicated process and unpleasant odor during decoction at home. Granules are consumed by simply melting herbs into hot water or taking in capsulated form. Unlike pre-manufactured herbal tea pills, granular extracts can be easily customized and modified for specific needs of individual patients.

At New Orleans Acupuncture Wellness Center, we offer granule extracts in both capsule and powder forms. Although powder can be more effective, capsules tend to be easier to consume for some patients.

Certain formulars are available in pre-manufactured 5:1 extract tea pills.